Aetna Office t.i. in north park


Aetna / Payflex

A 25,000 square foot office T.I. in North Park.  Featuring 36 hydronic pumps, all new duct, fire dampers, 2 new CRAC units, 1 ceiling mount mini split, 2 exhaust fans, and 7 transfer fans for temperature control.


Aggressive Schedule

This project had a 10 week build schedule from contract to owner occupancy.  Working with AOI Corporation, MVSM completed over 4,000 man hours of work in 8 weeks.  Despite weather and scheduling challenges, MVSM and our subcontractor partners started early, and finished early, gaining valuable days for the client to begin moving in. Final Mechanical Inspection completed 1 week prior to owner occupancy.  MVSM punch list items: ZERO.  We are proud to have partnered with Aetna and AOI Corp. on this successful, fast paced project.


Project Team

Owner - Aetna

Property Manager - CBRE

Architect/Engineer-  IMEG

General Contractor - AOI Corp.

Prime Mechanical - Missouri Valley Sheet Metal Inc.

Controls - Engineered Controls

Hydronics / Steamfitting - Master Mechanical Services

Mechanical Insulation - Elite Energy Specialists

Air Balance - Specialized Services

Main Equipment Vendor - Mechanical Sales

Main Duct Supplier - WSM Industrie

Intercultural senior center


ISC Omaha

 At the Intercultural Senior Center, we believe that elders deserve dignity, wellness, and the opportunity to share their talents and wisdom with others. Many seniors in our community, in particular immigrant and refugee seniors, have physical and mental health, education, emotional, and legal needs that go unmet. They are isolated by poverty, language and cultural barriers, and few transportation options. ISC actively welcomes seniors from around the world with culturally-appropriate, high-quality services and programs. Our mission is to improve the dignity, quality of life and physical well-being of seniors from around the world through advocacy, education, access to social services, and cultural enrichment activities that benefit the entire community. We envision an Omaha that values the wisdom and experience of our diverse elders and creates opportunities for them to embrace and enhance our community.


The Project

This was a very unique project we were honored to be apart of.  A former diesel truck repair facility, the project had a complete interior demolition and remodel of approximately 25,000 square foot of space.  Located at 5545 West Center, it is ideally located in central Omaha.  The project was begun in July 2018 and completed in February 2019.

The mechanical portion of the project was approaching $500,000 in total end costs.  ISC has a state of the art mechanical system featuring a 60 Daikin air handler, 40 Terminal boxes with electric reheat, a Type 1 Kitchen hood and exhaust system, 2 Makeup Air Units, Electric Cove Heaters and Cabinet Heaters, several exhaust fans, and a gas unit heater.  The system also featured a Honeywell DDC Control System by Engineered Controls.


Project Team

Owner - Intercultural Senior Center

Architect/Engineer-  DLR Group

General Contractor - Roloff Building Group

Prime Mechanical - Missouri Valley Sheet Metal

DDC Controls - Engineered Controls

Mechanical Insulation - Elite Energy Specialists

Air Balance - Specialized Services

Main Equipment Vendor - Mechanical Sales

Main Duct Supplier - Wholesale Heating / Southwark